Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy aims to get to the root cause and support all health conditions. Using naturopathic principles and functional medicine techniques. Taking into account past medical history, genetics, eating habits as well as lifestyle we can understand the underlying factors of your health concerns. Looking at each person as an individual to bring about vitality and health for everyone.
The right food nourishes every cell in your body enabling hundreds of thousands of chemical reactions that keep us alive, repair damage and fight of infections. When your body is supplied with the right environment and nourishment from food and drink consumed you can help promote your body’s natural self-healing mechanisms.
‘Let food be your medicine and live life to your

In depth consultation involves a full case history of background and family health as well as analysis of diet and lifestyle. The consultation aims to help you understand what the underlying causes of your symptoms are and what you can do to achieve health again.

  • Individual nutrition plan
  • Identifying your health concerns
  • Full dietary analysis
  • Meal and recipe suggestions
  • Advice on local shopping
  • Relevant information sheets
  • Lifestyle guidance
  • Support between appointments by phone or e-mail

A supplement programme and biochemical testing may be recommended if these are thought to be
appropriate. The cost would be in addition to the consultation fee.

90 Mins £75

A follow up appointment is recommended 4-6 weeks after your initial consultation to asses results and help keep you on track. We will do another full dietary analysis. Discussing how you are getting along and make any amendments needed to your nutrition plan.

Ensuring you are continuing to progress to your health goals.

You may require more than one follow-up appointment to reach your health goals.

60 Mins £50

Please note if appointments are cancelled on the day there will be a 50% charge of the full price taken.