Ben Mathew D.C.

Director and Principal Chiropractor GCC Reg 02665
Awarded Chiropractor of the Year in 2015, Ben Mathew D.C. is the Principal Chiropractor at Cardiff Bay Chiropractic, an innovative clinic located here in South Wales which focuses on increasing certainty in the power of chiropractic. For the past 10 years, Ben’s primary interest has been to explain clearly the objectives of chiropractic care and how chiropractic presents a separate, distinct and necessary element in everyone’s quest for optimal health. Ben brings a unique blend of passion, intensity and purpose to his practice and leads by example. In addition to his busy clinical schedule, Ben’s dedication to the field of chiropractic has meant that he has travelled thousands of miles around the world and invested time and money in implementing the most advanced technologies to date in his practice. Ben Mathew DC is now a leader in the field of chiropractic purpose and philosophy. Addressing large audiences of fellow principled chiropractors Ben shows that he is a captivating, inspirational speaker in chiropractic today.

Izzy Mathew

In 2008 I undertook a huge career shift. I took the decision to leave my teaching career and work alongside my husband Ben Mathew DC. My passion for chiropractic and unwavering support of my husband’s commitment to chiropractic has enabled the exponential growth and reputation of Cardiff Bay Chiropractic to be achieved. In this time I have become the proud mother of Harrison and Mabel. I balance the roles of full time motherhood and business owner. ‘’ I just want other families to experience the benefits that my family has seen under regular chiropractic care. I understand that educating our clients about chiropractic is the only way that this profession can help more people. It is important to me that alongside providing the most specific chiropractic adjustments to all our clients, the best quality customer service is also provided.”

Ján Beytell

Clinic Manager
I never had any dealings with Chiropractic before I joined Cardiff Bay Chiropractic at the beginning of 2016. My background has always been in the cut throat world of corporate business which can be a very negative environment to be in. The first day I walked through the door at Cardiff Bay Chiropractic for my interview, I knew this is where my future was! The positivity and wellbeing surrounding Chiropractic has made such a massive impact on my life and shifted my way of thinking and dealing with everyday life. How do I know I made the right decision? Every day I see Chiropractic Care giving people their lives back, not just the people under care, but those around them too! This is how I know I made the right decision. My mission is to help CBC grow and help even more people each day!
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Sophia Brown D.C.

Chiropractor GCC Red 04157
My love for chiropractic didn’t come from health problems or visits to the chiropractor, because unfortunately I wasn’t aware or educated about the positive/fantastic effects of it whilst growing up. I remember the first time I shadowed a chiropractor, I was amazed at the effect of an adjustment and how beneficial it is to someone’s health, but what shocked me was the lack of public awareness. I studied at the Welsh Institute of chiropractic, recently graduating in 2014. Since then I have been furthering my knowledge of the nervous system and its importance within the human body. I am a firm believer in our body’s innate ability to heal and believe that everyone has the right to live life to their full potential, but most importantly being subluxation free. Being a keen sport person, I have seen firsthand the amazing results chiropractic has had on my injuries, my ability to recover has increased tenfold and I no longer get the headaches, stiffness and pains I previously once experienced. The positivity and wellbeing surrounding Chiropractic has made such a massive impact on my life and shifted my way of thinking and dealing with everyday life. How do I know I made the right decision? Every day I see Chiropractic Care giving people their lives back, not just the people under care, but those around them too! This is how I know I made the right decision.
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Fay Hansen

Nutritionist and Massage Therapist
I applied to work at Cardiff Bay Chiropractic as I liked their philosophy behind Chiropractic treatment and had heard great things about Cardiff Bay Chiropractic. I have been involved within the holistic industry for many years and I am qualified in Naturopathic Nutrition. I believe that Chiropractic care and a healthy lifestyle is a great way to reach and maintain optimum health. I am excited to be part of Cardiff Bay Chiropractic team to help make that happen for everyone.
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Sandra Price

I joined Cardiff Bay Chiropractic in July 2012 after 16 years working alongside my husband in a family run dental practice. I am a mother of 4. Working at Cardiff Bay Chiropractic has opened my eyes to how everyone needs chiropractic, it is a life changing experience. My story was a life time of dancing, gymnastics, running and weight training, all of which were hobbies and I experienced many injuries associated with these sports. Even though I could run half marathons, I couldnʼt get out of bed in the mornings without medication to kick start my day. It wasnʼt until I was having regular adjustments I realised I had no need for painkillers anymore, itʼs a surreal experience. The aches and pains I thought were just part of getting older, (now Iʼm in my fifties) is in the past. Our health is our most valuable possession and I intend to look after mine. The clients we help at Cardiff Bay Chiropractic all have their stories. It is very rewarding and an honour to be part of the team. There is a saying ʻIf you love what you do, youʼll never work a day in your lifeʼ. I love my life!
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Kirsten Morrison

My Journey at Cardiff Bay Chiropractic began in 2015 when I left Canada to support my husband pursue his dream and career in Cardiff, Wales. I had no previous knowledge of Chiropractic but instantly knew that my life was about to change forever. My personal goal was to always have a career that I loved, and one that revolved around helping others. It may sound cliche, but I felt like the position at Cardiff Bay Chiropractic was fait, and that I was meant to find such an amazing company, backed by the most intelligent, determined and caring people. My husband and I have a strong belief in living well and taking care of our bodies. To now understand how the nervous system works, and how Chiropractic supports every system in our body, we will receive Chiropractic care for the rest of our lives. I truly believe that the biggest gift in life is our health, and I now understand how Chiropractic will allow myself and others live to our full potential. I feel honoured and privileged to work at Cardiff Bay Chiropractic, and to be apart of the miracles, happiness, and life changing moments that happen everyday.

Laura Atridge


Cat Brierly

I started my chiropractic journey as a patient in the summer of 2016, having suffered with M.E for 5 years. Since starting care I have more energy than ever and am the healthiest I’ve been in years. From being a patient I then became a CA (chiropractic Assistant) in September 2016. Although I didn’t have much knowledge about Chiropractic I was intrigued and eager to learn as it had helped me so much. I love seeing the changes in patients every day, it’s such a rewarding place to work.