All appointments are tailored to your individual needs. Relieving tension and stress from the body and mind, to bring about complete wellbeing.

Can be tailored for pregnancy from the 2nd trimester onwards.

Using techniques that address both deep and superficial tissues, with specific focus on myofascial release. Skilled manipulation combined with in depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology to bring about pain relief, correcting and normalising the body’s muscles and soft tissues.

Relaxing Massage using soothing techniques and essential oils blended specifically for you. Relieving tension and stress in the body and mind.

30 min £25
60 min £45
75 min £50

Seated chair massage using pressure point massage. Focuses on the neck, shoulders, forehead and head to ease built up tension. This soothing massage is part of an old Indian medicine, called Ayurvedic Medicine, and works on both a physical and spiritual level.

45 Mins £35

This ancient technique is the ultimate relaxing foot massage. Stimulating specific points of the feet called reflex points, which are believed to relate closely to your organs and structures of the body. Helping to stimulate the body’s own natural healing process and promoting overall wellness.

60 Mins £40