We want you to feel comfortable with the decision of joining our practice. Therefore, please read the information below and if you still have any questions, please call our office for an answer.

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At Cardiff Bay Chiropractic we would like to get to know, this is why we like to take a detailed history of you. The more we know the more we can can get down to possibly finding the causes of your health problems.

Once we have gathered this initial information, we will conduct an exam, state of the art technological evaluation and x-ray if needed. It is our mission to find the root cause of any existing health problems.

During the initial health consultation, you can share what you desire from your life and what you believe is preventing you from making this a reality. This consultation assesses your current well-being and then communicates your definition of a life without limitations.

At the conclusion of the initial health consultation, we will perform a complete and comprehensive chiropractic wellness examination that utilizes state of the art neurological Thermal and EMG Scanning systems, postural analysis and physical examinations.

Looks at the temperature along each side of the spine. The body’s temperature controls are affected by pressure and tension in the spinal nerves. Researchers have found that changes in temperature along the spine are directly related to how well organs work!
Measuring the subtle changes temperature control allows the doctor an inside view of how body systems are responding to stress.

Uses two sensors that lightly touch the skin along the back and neck
so that the tiny nerve signals what’s making your muscles work, and can be assessed.
Our databanks know exactly how much energy the muscles along the spine should “spend” to maintain proper posture and alignment. if these signals are too strong or even too weak, the computerized
program will detect and score the results. Muscles that are constantly overworked tire more easily and are part of the picture in a patient’s overall sense of fatigue and exhaustion.

In this examination is known as Heart Rate Variability(HRV). While you
sit quietly in the examination room, your hand is placed on a sensing platform that monitors your heart rate over 3 minutes.

We live our entire lives through our nervous system. Every movement, sensation, emotion and organ function is under the guidance of the nerves. With CoreScoreTM, we can now accurately report on the efficiency of your nervous system. Ignoring and/or not measuring potential nerve interferences puts your health a risk.

The CoreScoreTM is made up of the three most important Spinal-neural tests: Pulse Wave Profiler, Surface EMG, and Thermal Scan. These tests tells us how stress is impacting your overall well-being. It precisely detects where and how deeply the problems are changing your spinal health.Chronic Stress and body tension damages your health. Based on your individual CoreScoreTM, the Chiropractor will develop a personalised care plan, to move you towards optimal nerve function and a higher level of well-being.

At this point the Chiropractor will decide whether or not spinal images are required. 

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